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Easyweather: "Can't open database" error on Mac.

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Thanks, Julia, for the hint with WineBottler -- works fine. When starting up the "bottled" EasyWeather App (Ver 8.2) on the Mac, I get an error message "Cannot open database" and the app terminates without further comment. I understand that EasyWeather now uses a ".mdb" database to store the values. How can I get around this issue on a Mac, or which additional Win-program do I need to install?

Any good ideas or proven solutions?

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This is the downpath of using an application emulated in another environment. EasyWeather requires access to various system files. But, I recommend running the application. If there is the possibility, configure the path to point it to where the MDB files is. You don't have to install any other application. You're lucky that the software started in the first place. Any other errors that might appear afterwards, are simply related to compatibility.

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