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Is there a forum for TinyCAD anywhere?

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I have problems using TinyCAD. I can't get the line to connect to an IC from the library. DEL doesn't work. If I move a component with snap to line turned off I then can't get it to connect to any lines?

Some of the pins on some of the ICs connect and then drag with the component, but most don't if I make my own ICs (I need an 8038CC-function generator IC), and non of the pins link to wires.
For pulling down for deleting it says the shortcut for delete is the DEL button, but it is in fact the delete button (different buttons, the DEL is on the NUM section of the keyboard.)

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Yes, there is a forum. The only discussion board is the one from SourceForge section, where I can see you already posted the same info. Every post will send a notification to the developer. He should provide additional support for the application. However, while waiting, use the HELP section of the software to read about the program's functionality. There is a possibility this problem is addressed in that location.

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