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How can I access McAfee by phone?

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I have purchased 2 copies of McAfee Security Protection and still do not have security for both of my computers. Software was supposed to cover 3 computers. I have two confirmation numbers which I paid for, and still do not have security on either of my computers.

Confirmation #CS1480728109 Purchased on January 21, 2015.
$37.44 after taxes 2.45 and a discount of $15.00

I tried again on Feb 18th 2015. #CS1495225765 in the amount of 42.79.

Both were paid for by credit card. Please tell me how I can download one of them, to both my computers and give me credit for the extra purchase and renew from this date for a full year.

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You will have to get in touch with the McAfee Support team. They are the ones who can offer information about the purchases and activation procedure. Use the URL below to access the Support page:

You can also contact them by phone:

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