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Addresses on messages.

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I work away a lot and use Viber messaging to my wife. Last night I sent a message at 3 am from my hotel room, but it was delivered to her with a different address a few streets away from my hotel. I did not know that the addresses appeared alongside the Viber messages. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy II. Anyway, the only answer I can think is that I used the navigation on my phone earlier in the day to get directions back to my hotel, and that was in the street the message said it was coming from (even though I was really in the hotel when I sent it). Please help me, I need the correct explanation for my wife.

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You should tell her, this is just a problem with the Viber's location service. Sometimes, although you are in a correct place, Viber might detect a nearby Point Of Information and attach the location to that place. It happened many times when I used Viber and I was at a restaurant, but the service location reported I was at a gas station nearby where I was earlier. Turn on and off the location service, enable the GPS and it should locate your more accurately.

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Thank you. I am happy to tell you she did not divorce me.

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