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SymmTime compatibility with Windows 7.

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Does SymmTime work in Windows 7?

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Yes, the SymmTime application is fully compatible with Windows 7 platforms on both 32 and 64-bit architectures. I tested on my Windows 7 machine and it works without issues:

enter link description here

If you have problems running the software, try contacting the support team using email address.

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Hi Pete

Thanks for your answer - much appreciated.

I have installed SymmTime v4.93 on my laptop. Although it works but I have a problem with the clocks. I have 10 clocks in a row with times as follows;
Tokyo, Sydney, Frankfurt, GMT, London, New York, Oregon [Portland], Chicago, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. I set the times using the menu provided in the program and they all work beautifully until I turn the machine off. When I turn my laptop on again all the clocks revert to UTC/GMT and all the settings for the cities mentioned are shown as UTCGMT [all with the same times]. It has done that twice now and I cannot think of a reason for this behaviour. I love SymmTime and use it all the time on my desktop.
Can you please advise how to get this problem solved.
Thanks and best wishes

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