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Can't open my Paltalk room, not even from Favorites

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My Paltalk is opened, but it's shown as being closed. Other times it simply says Following. Does anybody know what could have caused this? It's been that way a few days now. You can get in by Joining chat rooms, but my users with Favorites think it's closed all the time. I can't get in touch with Paltalk to ask about it.

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The Paltalk Support page provides all the information needed to manage, create, and edit your Rooms. I recommend visiting the page to read all about it. The documentation is pretty big, but it should fix the problems with your rooms. Users usually had issues with Paltalk when they found out it was impossible to join or manage the rooms they had. Additionally, I wouldn't recommend performing many operations in a short interval of time for the rooms you have.

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i have been Paltalk since opened old version was much better now this new version scamed my green nick i got new nick,, alwase sadie who ever he is buy this buy that also scamed my gifts. It was ok since lost night talk to my overseas friend listen music after that opened Love and Respect room to play trivi exersiced my brain after that i turned off my pc this afternoon i opened my Pc to Paltalk authomaticly on so went my regular room,. paltalk said YOU CANT GET INTO ANY ROOMS IVISIBLE??

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