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How can I broadcast with a Netgear wnr1000v2 device?

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I am looking for a software that will help me to broadcast.

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Problems with broadcasting may refer to the fact that your router has the Wireless capability turned off. A maintenance operation should resolve your problem by accessing its configuration interface using the support CD or by manually entering its own IP Address (Start> Run > cmd > ipconfig /all and look for the Gateway IP) intro a browser while connected using a network cable. For easy management of the router, use the wizard to enable or disable its features and also perform configuration steps.

If you want to broadcast using the computer, then Connectify for Desktop will make your computer act as a router by enabling Wireless features (A wireless network card is required to successfully achieve this).

Download and install Connectify just like any other application and start it using its desktop icon. A wizard will help you configure it and in a matter of minutes you will be broadcasting using your own PC.

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