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How can I broadcast chess games with TOMA (Tournament manager) with a delay?

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I am a chess arbiter using TOMA (Tournament manager) to broadcast chess tournaments online. Recently I decided to broadcast the tournaments with a 15 min delay. I know that there is an option in the "Edit round" setting called "Refresh speed" where by default I think it is set to 10 sec. So, I may put this to 600 for example, if I want to broadcast games with 10 minutes of delay but the point is that after that period all moves will be synchronized to the current ones and what I want is my broadcasting to be delayed all the time during the game.I hope I explained it properly and you understood what I meant.

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There is also a maximum polling interval that you can use. You can use those two values to adjust the refreshing speed and the occurrence. I couldn't find anything about this in the manual or on the website. I advise checking the manual of the application to see exactly how to configure the application further.

Online manual:

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