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What is 'motive extension 1.0'

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asked Jul 27, 2012
edited Aug 6, 2012 by Danford Blitz

Firefox wants to download 'Motive Extension 1.0'. What is it, what does it do and why does Firefox think I need it? having surfed the Internet, I've failed to find anything that helps.

5 Answers

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answered Jul 27, 2012 by Andrew Constandache (100,330 points)
edited Aug 6, 2012 by Danford Blitz

The extension comes from a recently application you installed. On the web, users report that the extension resides in the Program files under the folder Motive. It's saved as a DLL file. Some antivirus programs detect the extension as being a sort of malware. My advice is to block the installation (in Firefox you have the ability to check so the extension stops the nagging) and simply ignore it. In case you have clicked OK and the extension was installed, run a scan of your computer with an antivirus.

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answered Jan 30, 2014

I recently got ATT U-VERSE, after a quick search of my PC i found when ATT self installed its setup program it also installed this. I searched "Motive" and it came up with an ATT icon and some folders.

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answered Feb 15, 2014

I've just installed this extension myself, the extension comes after updating the BT Desktop Help Application, BT is my ISP. Motive is software produced by Alcatel-Lucent specifically I believe for Internet Service Providers. You can get more information by going to their website
I'm sure this extension is quite safe, if your still not sure ask your ISP.

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answered Jun 22, 2014

My internet provider is U-verse through AT&T, which I have had for over a year now, but this extension didn't show up on my computer until I downloaded the McAfee Antivirus Security Suite which was provided me by AT&T. Since McAfee is protecting my computer, I believe this extension belongs here. Makes sense to me, anyway.

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answered Jul 7, 2014

I found it was installed when I download the ATT Uverse Trouble Shooter. In order to get rid of this I unistalled the ATT Trouble shooter application and it removed the Extension.

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