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Information about Strike Ball 2 or Air Ball 2.

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Having serious problems with your Air Ball 2 or Strike Ball 2. It does not have the ability to reset the top 10 score board back to zero. After I reach my ability to win, it makes me a looser every time. I know how to fix it but can't do it. I need to know the file description the scoreboard is saved to and how to delete that file from my hard drive. After that I can uninstall the software and reload it with a file that reads zero an I can start all over.

I have best games 500,00, best games 700,00 and a single disc called Air Ball 2. They all use the same file description for the top 10 scoreboard.

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The scores are saved to the profile file. The problem is that this profile file is nowhere to be found in the application which means the game modifies a data file to keep them. The only way to get rid of the highscores is to remove the game and then re-install it. There is no possible way to access the file with the scores to back it up.

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