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Information about Application Stubs.

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I'm trying to make more space. Can I uninstall the Application Stubs app off my phone? I have no idea what or why its on my phone? I don't want to cause any unneeded issues if I don't have to. I got the HTC Desire, I love the phone but it came with a lot of apps&things (I have no idea what 1/2 r!). The service is through Boost if that helps.

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The Application Stubs is used by Boos Mobile. It's an application designed to facilitate the communication between your phone and the carrier's network. However, it has been reported that you are safe to remove the application from your phone. However, if it's a system application, its removal won't be possible because it will be protected. The best thing is to Disable or Force Stop them from Settings > Application manager> All.

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