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Transferring files from iPhone 5 to PC.

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How can I transfer files from my iPhone 5 to my computer?

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Connect your iPhone 5 to computer through USB.

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My PC isn't recognising the device :(
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Your PC doesn't recognize the iPhone 5 because you will need to install the necessary drivers, and those drivers are available within the iTunes application. The computer where you connect the device needs to have Windows or Mac.

Access the download URL to obtain an installation package:

After this procedure, connect the iPhone to PC and wait for driver installation. At this point iTunes will start and the iPhone will be available. Click to show its contents (Music, Pictures, etc) then use the drag and drop procedure to get the files transferred to your computer.

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Sync iPhone to PC using iTunes

Syncing is the easiest way to transfer files from an iPhone to a PC. Syncing transfers all types of content at once and easily keeps both devices up to date.

Transfer files with FonePaw iOS Transfer

It worked and quickly to transfer files on my iOS device to computer, including iPhone. I knew it had to be simple.

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Yes, Syncios is very convenient indeed, I love it, it's totally free.

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You can use a data transfer or backup tool.

the text messages, contacts, photos all can be transfered to pc.

transfer contacts from iphone to computer

how to transfer photos from iphone to mac

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