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WhatsApp videos, records, and voice notes are not shown.

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Whenever I connect my phone to my laptop, it connects properly and all my phone's content is perfectly shown (including WhatsApp photos). Anyway, my whole problem is with the other multimedia, which the title shows above, WhatsApp videos, records, voice notes are not being shown out on the screen. And even the typical folder inside videos "Sent" shows no content inside it.

So I am looking out for a solution, I want to have my stuff on my laptop aside of them occupying a very large space on my phone and filling the storage. By the way: my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4.

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It's possible that you need to enable the USB mode for your phone. When you connect the phone to PC, make sure to enable all the USB modes available (not to confuse it with USB Debugging). Once the phone is connected, access the phone's contents and then browse to the WhatsApp folder. You should check the SDcard as well, if you have one. If the required files are not on the phone, it means they're deleted without any possibility to recover them.

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