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WebFreer is not opening after installation.

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My WebFreer was working without problems. I had a problem, but it was fixed and I don't know how.

Now I have downloaded the new version, and it is not working. I have the Chative Comlink but it is filtered. Normaly my proxy setting was disabled, but now it's working. In the LAN setting nothing is selected and in the extension, I have the Secure HTTPS Proxy enabled. What should I do to make it work?

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WebFreer is known to have problems, and its new released version doesn't have support for new browsers. If you still have the old installation package, then it's recommended you install it. Remove the current one and install the old one. Alternatively, use a more reliable product. Tor Browser can be used to access all the websites on the globe and besides that, the process of setting up is entirely automatic. Install the application, start it from your desktop and that's it. You can use it normally.

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