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How to set uEye camera for displaying and saving images in mono 12bit file(s) in sequence?

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IDS, when I just want to send following mail to Stackoverflow for help I found this site. I don't think support had send my questions to you. It is better to ask you first. thanks.

I am a researcher and not a programmer. I bought 3 cameras (USB-2: IDS USB UI-2280SE-M CCD, total $10000) for applications in 12bit with trigger. For two years I am not able to run it in mono 12bit, so I use IDS sample 8bit trigger program for preliminary test. However, the sensitivity is too low, now I have to use 12bit finally. IDS support helped me to make 12bit setup and display with IDS cockpit program successfully. The IDS support doesn't like to help for saving images in mono 12bit file(s) in sequence. As a matter of fact, IDS Cockpit has trigger option but is not able to save images in 12bit in sequence. Cockpit can record/save sequence in .avi, but it is in 8bit only. Without saving 12bit it is useless for my research.

Do experts here can help me? My hope is: saving images in mono 12bit file(s) in sequence. If experts can introduce the way for saving 12bit (or writing some syntaxes), it is fine; if you can modify or add them to cockpit it is great; If experts have suitable program to run external triger and save for mono 12 bit, I would like to try; If experts can set/modify IDS trigger sample program V2.40 to mono 12 bit (I ran it on 8 bit successfully)

Sorry for bothering you, because I have no way to continue work. If you can introduce the sources which can solve this problem, please help.

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There is a CPP file available for downloading. Someone created the source file to come in need to those who need to save images in 12bit file sequence. In fact, according to the source code, you can program it to use it with the displayed modes.

Download the source code from here:

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