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Can this product be embedded in another application?

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asked by about Free Screen Video Capture by Topviewsoft
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I would like to design a database application that will allow an admin user to position the cursor in a field on a data entry form, press a hot key to call a desktop video recording app, save the video with a unique file name (possibly generated by the database app), and store the video file name along with the form/field info to a table. A non-admin user would then be able to play back a context-sensitive help video by pressing F1 while the cursor is positioned in that field. My first pass would be done in Visual FoxPro because that's my strongest language, but the ultimate goal would be a tool that would work in a more common environment like .NET. My question is, can your screen capture technology be embedded in an external application?

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This application is provided as a standalone product, which means embedding will never be possible. It's distributed with an installer and it installs just like any application. Because of this, you will have to use something else. You can use the information on CodeProject to get started with open source code that can be embedded into your applications or browse through Google results.

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