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iTunes songs are missing on my computer, but are still on the iPod

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The problem is that a lot of the songs in iTunes were songs that I put in from various sources, (cd's , friends, etc.). I did check the purchased songs in iTunes, but none of the songs that I can't find are there.
the missing songs show up in my iTunes account, but when I click on them it says it is unable to locate the file. I have searched my computer, but I am not that tech-savvy, so maybe I am just looking in the wrong place. it seems like I can pinpoint the date that some software (Pypeline) took/deleted them, but when I go to a Pypeline file they are all empty.
please help me, I am afraid to sync my iPod because the missing songs are actually still on my iPod (and syncing will erase the songs on the ipod and replace them all with other songs). Maybe there is a way that I could move the songs from the iPod back into the computer, but I can't figure that out either.
I would be so GRATEFUL if anyone can help me, please.
thank you.

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Find your iPod in iTunes left sidebar, right-click on it and select "Transfer purchases".

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Why not try restore you lost songs on itunes from ipod on mac? Restoring iTunes library from iPod on Mac is on longer an unreachable task now! As long as you have the Amacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer in hand(More reading about it), the process of restoring your iPod files to iTunes on Mac can be rightly easy for you. Just a few easy steps needed, you are able to get your iPod transferred to iTunes library on Mac for a backup. No matter you want to restore the iTunes with music, movies, photos, ebooks, playlists, or any other stuff from iPod on Mac, this specially designed iPod to Mac Transfer tool will do you a favor with ease.

More detailed guide you can read from here:

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You can turn on the iCloud to auto-sync songs between devices. And then use the TunesKit Audio Converter to download all your songs to your computer so that you'll never lose these songs anymore.

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