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How can I recover iTunes songs?

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Some time ago some software I downloaded erased a lot of my songs from my iTunes list. I would like to find a way to recover the songs that I hope are still somewhere on the computer, but I can't seem to be able to find them.
Is there a way for me to restore the missing songs?

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Malicious software could delete something from your computer, BUT! it could not delete anything from your iTunes account. Just find your purchased songs in iTunes and download them again for free.

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iTunes songs are missing on my computer, but are still on the iPod
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this answer was useful thanks man
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Install Syncios Data Recovery on your computer.
There are three recover mode, you can choose recover from iTunes, and then click recover.

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To recover deleted music files from iTunes, you need to download a professional music recovery program . If you are still searching for an ideal one, we kindly suggest you have a try with Coolmuster iOS Data Recovery , which can help you recover music/songs from iOS devices.

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