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How to screenshot android zte merit?

You may find the answer in the thread:

Press volume down and power button at the same time. Hold until it does it. Worked for my ZTE (998)mustang.  
None of the answers work for me to screenshot.Is there another way?I have a ZTE Groove  
Holding down the power and down volume at the same time worked on my unico. Thank you so much!:)  
yes...push the power key and down on the volume and it screen shot for me :)  
press and hold the power key + volume down key...  
Press power volume down n home it will work  
neither one worked is there any other way  
I have the zte avail II You hold the down volume key+ the power button to screenshot.  
Press & hold home & volume down key at the same time  
This did not work for me.. I have a ZTE and I can not screen shot by using those buttons... Is there any other way I can??  
... newer Android version (2.3.x), Google introduced the ability for users to take screenshots ... because many companies built the Android source from SDK and ... since your phone is an Android one you could use ...  

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