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How to understand that im blocked in viber?

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It means that the bitch or the faggot who blocked you has an iphone  
if the profile shows both the photo and last seen status but when i send a message it doesnt say delivered or seen what does it mean?  
... one, for i have two viber accounts, and i blocked myself, okay. and i also ... the person has not blocked you YET, Viber will definitely let him ...  
Yes, you won't see 'last seen' or online status if you're being blocked. Otherwise you will.  
if someone has blocked you on viber, you will no longer see their profile photo, a delivered message or their online status/last seen status. I just learned from experience.  
if someone has blocked you on viber , you will not be able ... (seen) than he is probably blocking you  
also with the newest update, if a user has blocked you they will not show up as online. It will show random times that they have been on.  
... that means he/she has blocked you. 3. You can ... If he/she has blocked you, you can only ... blocked you and it never changes. Add her/him in another viber ... blocked you, you giver him/her a call from viber ...  
... send anything even when you blocked on viber and the ((delivered)) mark ... 's the point... simply if you blocked you can't see the ((seen ...  
Once you are blocked, there is no way to ... tell if someone actually blocked you. Yes, you can send ... sent message was delivered through Viber's servers.  

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