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How to reset all passwords from nokia e63?

You may find the answer in the thread:

green + 3 + * + power button did reset the phone but the lock code didn't get reset  
Very very thanks. I tried the method of 4 keys pressing for startup. It works fine after rebooting and when asked pin I entered 112. Solved the problem. Nice. Thanks  
insert 000 or 123 in lock code and press dial button .....!!!  
It doesnt work for your idea thankyou very much  
That was a wonderful solution which i didnt get anywhere.. keep up the good work  
i tried but id does not happen. i try write *#7780# and then 112 and dial. but nothing happens  
i had rest my phone bt it is showing again the lock code wht to do...plzzz help...  
It is working .... Thanks. That was for my sister, she does like smartphones.  
THANKS very much i may had this idea my self but i never remember this useful information really thanks  
Enter 000 or 112 press and dial ..... it will work .... Enjoy  
How u enter 112 & dial while phone still ask for passwd?  
I did it... worked but, after I set countryu, date and time, the cel is asking for the code and is NOT the default, problably is the old that I forgoted. So, didn't work , plz tell some alternate  
Hi, I followed your instruction and my lock code is unlocked. Thanks...  
Just enter 112 and press dial will work but after restart u need to do this again... Enjoy  
``1) Remove the battery, and then wait for about 20 min or so before putting it back 2) Press and hold these three keys together -Green dial key, Star key[*], Three key [3] 3) switch ON the phone. ...  
If you want to reset the phone to its factory ...  

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