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How to install xperia link on pc windows 7?

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My PC has a Bluetooth Connection still Xperia Link is not opening. Xperia Link is compatible only with Sony Laptops. I've checked it on my Sony Vaio Laptop and it is working fine on that.  
... that this application works on PC that has Bluetooth connection. My ... PC, then Tethering and WiFi Hotspot are the best alternative. Ignore Xperia Link ...  
all of you are wrong you have to get a tablet from android to get it togheter  
If you want your xperia as a modem, you can try ... on your xperia mobile phone. I never install xperia link app to my pc but Internet ... still working with using my sony xperia as ...  
Xperia Link would only work on a Sony Vaio or Sony Tablet if you are trying to load it on a Vaio or Tablet check the compatibility list on the same page you obtained the Program from  
keep in mind that your pc has bluetooth connection  
I followed the link and installed but the program won't load up, i tried as administrator but it still wouldn't load up. The timer spins once then nothing happens. Thanks  
i have downloaded both Xperia Link version ( and ( i have installed it to my PC, but it doesn't open in my PC, when I click it nothing happens, PLS help with this  
i have downloaded and installed.. but its not opening ... i tried to run as administrator also. no window is opening. what to do  
... are trying to install ( does not support Windows 7 OS. You will ... as it has support for Windows 7. Make sure you run the ...  

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