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How to fix bluestacks frontend error?

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I tried nox player6 and it doesn't work on a Mac  
use nox player6 its a lot more advanced then bluestacks they figured out there issues at least  
i did all the above process..i didn't find any is still crashing..  
I am current on updates, after 8 to 10 restarts it finally works. its a pain but a least I do not have to uninstall/reinstall  
hey friends try to run bluestacks by the adminstration....sometimes its work  
i had the same problem,try Run as administrator  
I cant even play tapped out it just gives me a green screen.....  
... /files/9wsltn6p/BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerPro_setup_REL.msi.html BlueStacks-ThinInstaller_0.7.0.722.exe>> ...  
Why does Bluestacks keep freezing when i open it? ... please help, I want to use bluestacks really bad but this problem ...  
Where can I where can i Install BlueStacksHDAppPlayerProsetupREL.exe FOR MAC???  
this isn't working, i've tried EVERITHING, but nothing works!  
Try running the installation program as an administrator when you install it.  
... user full control over the BlueStacks program files folder and I've ...  
Where can I download BlueStacksHDAppPlayerProsetupREL.exe?  
I face a similar problem. I am having 2GB of internal memory but bluestacks displays that it needs 2GB of internal memory and won't install on my PC.  
do the contacts stay after reinstall ? I want to make sure the contacts stay as I have many of them. thanks  
I've got The Simpsons Tapped Out on my Bluestacks and it keeps crashing everytime i sign in.  
what about files saved on there though from whatsapp?  
... a few minutes, it shows an error "Bluestacks Frontend stopped working .." Any way of ...  
I'd say there's an issue with your antivirus and bluestacks emulator not loading!  
... BlueStacksHDAppPlayerProsetupREL.exe After it intstalls Bluestacks will run. Quit out of ... Test apps, shutdown Bluestacks and restart Bluestacks several times. 6 Shutdown Bluestacks (including stopping ...  
... running applications when you install Bluestacks.  

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