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Import to SIM card

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I've created a backup with SIM-Content on my old mobile, sent the CSV-File via mail to my new one, saved it there, and imported it to the SIM card, but the SIM card still has only one entry. Can I use the CSV to SIM with a simple CSV-Layout (only name and number)? If yes, is there a description (order of attributes, separator)?

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No, there are no special attributes, but it's recommended to check it. Use a phone from your phone and then export it to your computer in CSV file. This way you will see exactly what's the CSV file format you need to define, then make proper adjustments to your contacts file and upload it again. Additionally, if you have a smartphone with Android, for example, it's possible that the contact list was installed correctly, but it's set up to be hidden. In this case access Contacts > Menu button > Display > All.

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You have actually imported the SIM card to your phone or to the cloud (if you use a smartphone). To import the contact on the SIM card, simply start the Phone dialer, then press the menu button. Choose Options or Display, then select Import. Choose the phone or the cloud as the source and select to import them to SIM. From the same menu choose Display and leave only the SIM card checked. Now your SIM card has all the contacts you've imported.

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Thank you for the response. But unfortualy that's the way I already used a few times before. With my S2 it works fine but when I do the same steps with my S4 I get the Message, that nothing had been saved.
I also used different apps and they reacted the same way. It seems, that in the phone the SIM-card is write prodected. If I remove the SIM-card from the phone and do it with a SIM card writer it works. So somehow the S4 'protects' the SIM-card and I don't know, how to remove this protection.

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