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Recovery after mobile has been formated.

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My mobile has been formatted by mistake, kindly advise how can I get my mobile data (contacts & other apps)?

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It's not possible to recover the data once the phone has been formatted. However, there is a way but it implies to use a card reader. For example, if your data was stored on a SDcard then remove the SDcard and plug it to the computer using a card reader then use Recuva to attempt recovery operations. Perform a Deep Scan to increase the chances of finding more items. This is the possible way to recover the data.

Additionally, if you have your contacts and apps synced with an online account, simply add the account to your phone and connect to Internet. The sync operation should start automatically.

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Try a data recovery and see whether it work for your phone.

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If you lost data from your android phone,
the first thing, check out the backup, whether you have synced the data to Gmail account, or saved on your pc.
Then, you should never add more data to your phone after data loss, cuz they can take up more space, the lost data will be overwritten.
Last thing, you can try android recovery methods, Recuva, you can also try professional data recovery programs.
Restore contacts.

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