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Replacing foreign language dictionaries.

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I have SmartSuite v.9.8.1 purchased about 6 or 7 years ago. When I attempted to install it on my main PC which for ultimate security, it never goes near the Internet. I found that activation had to be done over the Internet so I put the disk back in its box and carried on working with v.9.5 which was preloaded on my old IBM PC.

Without going into personal details I have been moved to a new location without all of my personal belongings, under the excuse that transport will cost more than replacement. I have now found that my copy of SmartSuite has East European dictionaries but no English, not even American and my copy of the SmartSuite manual which had the Activation codes written in the cover has been left behind so I canĀ“t install my old 9.5 in my new set-up. Is there a means of replacing the dictionary files?

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You have probably been using a computer with European settings. Simply go to Control Panel and locate the Clock, Language and Region. Change the settings and select everything to be American. Re-install the product and you should have the software running by default in American language with all the codes, etc.

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