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Asutype only works in Notepad.

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I've had Asutype for many years; it's a shortcut typing program where you can create shortcuts that expand into much longer phrases.

A couple of days ago it would work in Notepad and my email; now it will only work in Notepad. I have no idea why this started.

Can I have more than one shortcut and/or shortcut list? I was wondering if this might be the problem.

I've sent Asutype a ticket and was finally able to copy my problem to the clipboard for them, but I've had problems before too. Plus it's compatible with 8.1 though I had a tech support company work on my PC and they wiped out my RoboForm, and now I'm beginning to think they did something to my Asutype program too.

I really depend on it as I've already had two surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome on both my hands, so I really do need it.

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My recommendation is try and download the latest version of the software from its official website. If tech support used registry cleaning applications, it's possible that the registry entries for Asutype were deleted/modified, etc. Downloading a new version will ensure that those entries are restored to normal. You can do this using the official website. This is the most plausible cause for this error and it should be fixed using my instructions.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I fell and hurt my foot so I've gotten way behind in my "to do" list. But after I asked you this question, now it won't work in Notepad but will work in my emails and places like this forum!!  I have NEVER had Asutype not work in Notepad, never. I sincerely appreciate your answer as I guess I'm the only one who ever has any problems with Asutype.  I will do as you say as it's very clear you know what you're talking about (almost 165,000 points) and let you know what happens.  
Warmly, Corinne

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