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Could root access to Android mean that messing with date and time settings would send you through time?

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I saw a YouTube video of how to use iPod/iPhone 3g or 3gs as a time machine jailbroken only. The maker of the video went to date and time settings after getting jail broken access to iOS. My Google Nexus 7 tablet wasn't supported to be rooted by Towelroot, and without root access I couldn't see for myself if root access turns date and time settings into a real time machine. I need to know if jailbroken/root access does the same to iOS's/Android's date and time settings.

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The TimeCapsule is an Apple technology and it's primary used for their products. You Google Nexus is using the competitor operating system which means that if one setting is working in their OS, most surely it won't work for yours since they're two totally different operating systems. No, rooting will not working for the feature you want.

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