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Teamviewer stops running at random.

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Teamviewer closes randomly on my home computer leaving me unable to connect to it remotely. The icon disappears from the notification area of the taskbar but the service remains running. When this happens I have to phone home to have my wife start Teamviewer so I can connect.

I have searched for a solution without success. I have set my anti-virus (MSE) to exclude the folder in XP Documents and Settings but that hasn't helped.

Any ideas?

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By default, Teamviewer is set to close the connection after a period of time, even if you are working on something. This is the limitation for the free version. However, if you have issues with the installation, try to update it to the latest version then manually set the service to restart automatically. GO to Start > Run > services.msc and look for Teamviewer in the list. Right click it then go to Properties > Recovery and set the service to restart automatically when an error occurs.

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Thank you for that. I have set the service to restart automatically as you said. It was already set to restart after the first and second failure. I changed "Subsequent failures" to restart and time will tell if that fixes it. It does not seem to be a timeout issue, though, since it occurs at various lengths of time after starting. I had no problem with it until a year ago or 2 ago.
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To clarify, it's not the connection I'm having trouble with. It's the ability to connect to my home computer remotely. The icon disappears from the resident applications area of the XP taskbar which indicates that Teamviewer is not running. I commonly have to phone home to ask my wife to start Teamviewer.

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