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GrowlHelperApp's annoying message.

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Running OSX 10.9.4. How do I get rid of the annoying message: 'Do you want the application "GrowlHelperApp" to accept incoming network connections?'

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To stop the notifications, simply drag the application to Trash and empty it. This should uninstall and remove any startup entries. Additionally, go to System Preferences and then access Users. Locate the Startup tab for the user currently logged on and disable Grow. This will prevent it to start up any more.

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this is certainly not the answer I am looking for!
I have installed the app because it is useful to me.
After some time, it developed the habit of sending a message.
It must be possible to correct this without uninstalling/ deleting the app.
When your car has a flat tire and you want to get rid of the wobbly steering, will you scrap the car?
I am really looking forward for a better solution of the issue.

Thanks for trying nevertheless,

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My bad. I have recently performed another solution check and I've found it. Start Growl's settings center and then go to Network and disable **Listen for incoming connections** and your problem should be fixed.

Check the image below:
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My Worse Anonymous,

again this is not a good answer.
I have tried and tried again even before you suggested this, but it will not stop the notification.
You have no idea what type of answers I get, yours is still one of the best!

Once again an explication of my questions:
The app is installed for long and updated when available.
It still works fine and monitors many things in my computer.
But suddenly the app decided to send messages at the start-up.
There must be a reason for these messages. It must be triggered by a certain condition.
This is what I need to know: What triggers the message?
If we know that, we go to the following step: can it be changed?

Thanks for trying anyway,

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