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Problem with PhotoFunStudio 9.1 memorizing all pictures.

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I have a problem like the one reported in related question.

When I start photofunStudio 9.1 PE, it keeps on displaying the whole bunch of pictures that I took with my camera (Lumix DMC-TZ40). Though I carefully read the doc, I didn't find any way to get rid of all these pictures (in the software window they all show up as an "ERROR"), that have been copied to my PC with the software (PFS), then saved to a proper location (outside PFS).
Selecting the pictures (all in "error") and then pressing DELETE does not work.

Note that I always clear (outside PFS) the import directory used by PFS each time after having imported my pictures from the camera to the PC (with an USB cable). Can anyone explain how this PFS work?

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All PhotoFunStudio versions have a refresh button that can be accessed from the built-in menu. After you deleted the images from the software's window, go to View > Refresh and they will disappear. The refresh button updates the database with pictures and it will remove all the pictures that have been marked or deleted.

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Thanks for your answer. BUT, it doesn't work.
When I tried to do what you said, reapeatedly because it failed several times, I finally had a true video show of windows appearing and closing... still no way !
Some screenshots here : (folder PFS)
thanks for your coop.
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The describe process should work, but if you have problems again and again, try re-install the application. It's just a picture viewer so it won't be a problem with databases or catalogs since it has a tree menu on the left. Remove the application completely, and remove the folders as well as any other traces then install it again. Additionally, right click the folder with the pictures on the tree and delete it. This should also fix it.

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