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Can't watch DVDs from other regions using WinDVD.

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I downloaded DVD Region+CSS Free and still can't watch DVDs from other regions using WinDVD or Toshiba's DVD software. Does anyone knows why? My OS is Windows 8.1.

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To free the DVD, first install the application and the go to Settings > Region. Make sure the the region is set to your local region and tick all the three options you will find above region. Since you cannot modify the DISC in the tray, try to create a ISO image with IMGBurn then you can free it.

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Windows 8.1 is more than enough to play Blu-Ray discs because it is the newly released operating system with advanced graphical capabilities when it's used with a powerful graphic card. If you are trying to play a DVD or Blu-ray file, then you can use some region free video player available (Macgo Blu-ray Player, etc.). You will also need a powerful computer to play these files or discs close to perfection.

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You can't watch DVDs from other region because they have a different encoding. For example, Europe uses PAL, USA/Japan uses NTSC-U/J. Most likely the software you use doesn't have support for the format of the DVD you are trying to play. I recommend converting them. It can be a tedious process at first, but at least you will get functionality.

To do this, install DVDFab and convert the DVDs to a standard AVI or MKV file then burn the files back to a DVD in standard format and according to your region and they should be compatible with your players/devices.

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