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I have a problem with a registration of my copy of Micrograph Picture Publisher 8. Can you offer some instructions?

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I intended to register my copy of Micrograph Picture Publisher 8 which I bought in Krakow, Poland. Because I was unable to register through the Internet (it didn't recognize my modem) so on 10 June 2014 I have mailed a printed copy of the registration form, in envelope, to: Micrograph, Inc., c/o IntelliQuest Communications Inc., P. O. Box 671449, Marietta, GA 30006-0025, USA. On July 7, 2014, I received back my envelope with a yellow sticker: return to sender, no such number, unable to forward (the address is from the registration program!).
What is the proper mail address I should send my form to?

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The mail was returned to you because the company doesn't exist anymore. Micrograph was acquired by Corel and the products have been merged under Corel's ownership. Use the contact information on the Corel's page to get in touch with support. If you have the possibility, try accessing live support. It's faster and you'll get results in real time.

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