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Eureka's Family Tree Creator error messages.

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When I try to open one of my Family trees on Eureka's Family Tree Creator, this message appears:

Application Error: List index out of bounds (0).

If I try and continue working on the tree currently open, this appears:

Invalid PageType found: 0 but wanted: 7 - Native error: 20155.

Then this appears when I try to exit the program:

Access violation at address 008442D7 in module 'eftree.exe'. Read of address 00000248.

What do I do?

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It seems the application is having a hard time running, because that error in the end indicates that there is a problem with the application's memory. This can be caused by compatibility issues, missing files, registry items, etc. To fix this, I advise you to re-install the whole product but not before backing up the data already created. The first and second error are related to file importing and handling. There are characters in the file that shouldn't be there and because of that the program can't parse them and it gives errors.

asked Jul 9, 2014
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Re-installation of Eureka's Family Tree.

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