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How do I download the free Opera Mail Client on to my desktop ?

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I m not particularly computer savvy in fact a little doltish, honestly speaking. I do however manage by some freakish error to download a few things when the instructions are given with clarity. As I had earlier downloaded Opera Browser on my desktop. In fact, even the email client had been downloaded on my desktop. I tried downloading all my email from my other email addresses into my Opera Mail but then somehow when on the next occasion I did try to open the Opera mail address, it simply was not accessible even via Opera help. I tried everything to access it and finally I decided to remove the Opera Browser from my desktop using Windows 'Set Program Access and Defaults' before my desktop crashed/some major error was created! Please help and kindly have my computer scanned (as you earlier used to do) before you give me any suggestions .

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You can download Opera Mail from its official website and because it's independent software, you will need to configure it using the wizard that appears when it's installed for the first time. When installed, Opera Mail will be accessed from the desktop instead of the browser as you used to. You don't need to be a computer savvy to get this running because it's extremely easy to install and use if you have the right details.

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