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Satellite Check Donation information.

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I have a license of Satellite Check Donation. I recently replaced my mobile phone, I have been using the same SIM card.

The first time since replacing the phone, when starting the "Satellite Check Donation", I receive the message:

"Thank you for donating to Satellite Check. To remove advertising from the Satellite Check app, run Satellite Check at least one time while this app is installed on your device. Your donation will help us develop more innovative android applications for your enjoyment. If you have not already done so, check out Polaris Navigation System- a free all-purpose navigation application available on the Google Play Android market."

Same message even if I put the SIM in the phone that has been used before.

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As the message says, if you installed the Satellite Check Donation, then you also have to install the application called Satellite Check. After the procedure, the software will be activated with your license. The activation is based on your email, not the SIM card used in your phone. You can have as many SIM cards as you want.

Install Satellite Check from this page:

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