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Printing in reverse order.

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Hi Sean,

The problem I need to address is as follows:

I have a number of PDFs in a folder eg. 200 separate files. Each PDF has 2 pages - so 400 pages altogether.

I want to be able to select all 200 files and then for each file, print page 2 then page 1.

You suggested setting the pages in the settings, like:
a) set it as 400 - 1
b) 2 - 1
c) and if using the free version should I include the printconductor page? (eg 401 -

Or can this be done at all?

related to an answer for: Reverse Order (within the PDF) printing.

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There is another possibility to print in reverse order. For example:

  • Canon printers

enter image description here

  • HP printers:

enter image description here

  • Other printers

Simply select Pages in the Print Window and put it 2-1.

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