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Contacts showing Viber not correct.

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My phone contacts list is showing an extra listing for some contacts and they have Viber symbols beside contacts that definitely do not have Viber. When I try and delete (in Phone Contacts) it says "cannot delete contacts from read-only accounts but you can hide them in your contacts list". When I delete they reappear the next time I bring up Contacts.

When I go into Contacts in Viber it shows correct Viber symbols beside contacts. Why are these symbols appearing in my Phone contacts incorrectly?

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You can't delete the Viber contacts through the Phone contacts application. Instead press Menu > Display and choose only the contacts from your phone. If the contacts appear incorrect in the Phone Contacts app, then it means there is an error with one of the accounts attached to the phone. Remove Viber and re-install the application then use the guide above to display only the contacts from your phone without the Viber ones.

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