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Outlook 2010 - Interrupt quoted text.

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I have a problem in Outlook 2010 with quoted text.

When I receive an HTML email and reply to it, Outlook 2010 shows the original mail (the mail that I have received) as quoted text.
If I want to enter a comment inside the quoted text (my answer refers to the paragraph above).

Here is an example in plain text how it should look like:

| Original Mail text first paragraph

My comment for the first paragraph

| Original Mail text second paragraph

My comment for the second paragraph:

So I press [Enter] for a new line inside the original mail.
Outlook adds a new line, but inside the quoted text.
There is no chance to interrupt the quotation marks and to see my comment as normal text.

In Mozilla Thunderbird this is working normally (but Outlook is my primary mail client).
Any idea?

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It's not possible to reply inline because the Outlook 2010 uses the Microsoft Word as the editor. This is a known issue with the Outlook 2007 as well, not only the 2010. It was possible to do this in Outlook 2003 and earlier, but that's it. The Mozilla Thunderbird is working in a different way than Outlook. That's why you were able to reply inline.

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