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Loading the library.

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I downloaded XTrackCAD. When I opened the parameter files it was empty. Is there a way to load the library? Also is there a way to show terrain elevations and slopes?

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To load the available parameter files, you need to open the program, go to File > Parameter Files (or press the Ctrl + Alt + S key combination) and go to the following location : C:\Program Files \XTrkCAD 4.0.3a\share\xtrkcad\params. This is the default path where the program is installed. From the mentioned location, you will be able to select and load the available parameter files (this is available for the latest version of the program. You can download it from the official website.)

Regarding the terrain elevation, the program has an option for this and you can access it by going to Change > Elevations (or press the Ctrl + Shift + E key combination). For additional support, check the Help menu of the application. There are available tutorials about all the program's features.

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