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Bluestacks does not start.

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I'm new to this site. Anyway, I don't know what happened, but last night when I was using WhatsApp through Bluestacks, my PC suddenly shut down, not shut down screen or anything, it just went off, I switched it back on, and then when I tried to start Bluestacks, it loads for 5-10 sec, and then closes automatically. I checked it in the Task Manager and when I start it, its process called HD-Frontend.exe would take about 50000 kB and above RAM, and then the Bluestacks window closes and the HD process also ends. I restarted Bluestacks so many times but the same thing happens. Can you help?

My PC Specs :
Windows 7 Home Basic
Nvidia Geforce 310, (update v. 331.56) Not the latest updates

Please help me and don't say I have to reinstall Bluestacks, because I have WhatsApp on it and if I reinstall it, all my WhatsApp chats and everything would go away and WhatsApp won't register my number again saying it has been used.

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There have been all kind of bugs within the application. It's not even released as a FULL version which means this could happen only to you on your computer. There isn't anything you can do except the known fixes recommended on the official forums.

Firstly, you have to check if you meet the requirements:

Secondly, download the latest driver for your graphics card:

The third step, involves in using an application from the XDA Forums. Access the post and download the application. Use the buttons on the interface to FULL STOP the app, then restart the services manually and the main program as well. Change any options you might want and Bluestacks should work.

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