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"Java FX-runtime.exe is corrupt". How can I overcome this error?

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Following an attempted installation of Java, an error message shows that "FX-runtime.exe is corrupted" and Java does not work (I guess it failed to install properly). Even when the installation appeared to work once, while trying to use Java items, the things never load. Instead, another error message occurs simply saying "error". It was recommended to "Click for details", and clicking yielded no information either. So I uninstalled and re-installed it, and even used the system restore to try to sort out the problem. Still not solved.

Can anybody help me with this problem?

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hi anonymous,

try to download the latest full installer from
Please keep in mind that you choose the correct system 32bit or 64 bit. install this and you should don't get in trouble with that again. it helps in my case, because i had the same error 5 minutes ago.

kind regards,


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You could face a malware infection which corrupts your executable file when they are added or extracted (Java installation). Please download an anti-malware application, use the Offline version of Java FX Runtime and I guarantee that it will work as it should.

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