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The e-mail subject is changed while receiving the email.

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We have a licensed version of the Lesnikowski tool for mail functionality. Now we have a problem - the subject is changed while receiving the e-mail. The subject is changed to "Please purchase Mail.dll license at".

This issue appears on receiving time only, It's works fine for sending. The license XML file is placed in Mail.dll folder.

Code for receiving emails:

imap.Login(((SessionInfo)Session["UserInformation"]).CompanyProfileEmail, ((SessionInfo)Session["UserInformation"]).EmailPassword);

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This problem is related to the activation procedure. If you placed the file and it's not recognized, it means the 1 year licence subscription might be expired. However, these problems should be addressed to the developer. He will be able to inform you about your purchase and subscription period. Use the official contact form to get in touch with them.

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