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Can this program prevent copying PowerPoint presentations?

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I want to put Word and PowerPoint presentations files on my website. I would like people to download them, save them and print them but I do not want them to be able to edit them or "Save as" and edit them form a copy. Does this program do this? I also would like to know the price.

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This application will work for your local files by tweaking Windows settings for the files or folders you specify. It does not have the ability to work remotely on a webserver since it's a Windows application. For servers you might need to protect your folder from accessing using the language code implemented on your website.

The process is simple, actually. Create a new file and upload it to your website with the following name .htaccess. Add on one line Options -Indexes then save the file and upload it to the place where your folder with content is located. When that directory is browser, the indexing or listing will be prohibited.

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