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Open Source / Linux support.

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I am searching for a 'mathematics engine' that accepts strings as input and returns (a list of) calculated values as output. At the moment I am not interested directly in plotting the values.

In the past I have experimented a litle with Speq and I know that Speq encapsulates the functionality I am looking for.

But since I use Linux, I can't use Speq without using Wine (Wine stands for 'Wine is not a Windows emulator') and besides that, I even am not interested in the GUI.

This leads me to this question:
Is Speq an open source software (so I can use the existing code to port the parser and the 'engine' to Linux)?

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No. Unfortunately, the Speq Mathematics isn't an open source software and it's currently only available for computers that run Windows. However, you can have a look at Wolfram Mathematica or SpeedCrunch. These two programs are similar to Speq Mathematics and the developer offers support for Linux OS.

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