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The printer has an error code flashing.

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I am trying to do some photocopying on my Canon MG3200, I printed a few pages then realized I was printing wrong page, so I unplugged it to stop it immediately. When I turned it back ON, it fed through the remaining unprinted page no problem, but now when I try to print more the screen flashes between 'E', '1' and '6' and the orange light next to B is flashing. I switched it OFF and left it for awhile, but when I turned it back on the same thing happens. Is there a way to overcome this?

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The E, 1 and 6 characters that flashes represents an error message. In your case, the printer asks for permission to continue printing after it recovered from an unexpected process (you turned it OFF). To fix this error, you need reset the printer. This can be done by pressing for about 5 seconds the orange button that has an up-side-down orange triangle on it. The button is situated in the right side of the printer. Your problem should be solved.

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