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My printer won't let me select page ranges

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I have Canon MG3200 I just bought today and my problem is really bizarre. I had a 55 page document to print and ran out of paper, so I have printed pages 1-36. When I type in the page range, it still prints all of them, starting with page 55 so I cancel the print job.

But, if I type in pages 1-7, it prints 1-19 or some other random number. It is not recognizing the numbers as I type them.

Any suggestions?

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I see no reason why you encounter this strange behavior. The printer is supposed to print all the pages until it runs out of paper. Instead of choosing the range, try to select All pages and set your cursor to the 1st page and let it print. Also, please go into the settings of the printer and select the default button to restore the printer to its original settings.

Also, there could be a problem with the document itself. Check the orientation and the resolution of the pages/document you want to print.

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