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How to get Yahoo email account on DSI without a cell phone?

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I just got a DSI and I want to make a Yahoo account, but the Yahoo regular PC version does not work and when I go to mobile they try to make you sign up with a cell phone which I do not currently have. They say "To sign up, text start to ____#). How can I get any type of email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc.) that will work on dsi? I have tried all of them and they used to work especially Hotmail, but now they won't and I have no idea what happened.

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The new standards require that account creation needs to be done on a PC or a compatible smartphone. The software uses advanced Javascript that Nintendo DSi doesn't have support for. This means that you still need to use a PC to create an account. The registration form, requires a phone to confirm the account and to implement a way to recover the account besides security questions.

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