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Deleted text recovery.

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Do these deleted text recovery really work? I have two phones that I need to recover deleted text for court purposes. One was through Straight and the other one from Cricket. Or do you really have to get a court order or have done through a police Department. The last time I asked this, it was returned to the person I was trying to recover the info about and when I called this investigation site, they told me that it came to them in her Name. Thing was I sent it through my e-mail account. They said I probably had some type of spyware put on by this person. So will the things I've read about really work or is it just a way for somebody to make money?

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No, no applications work to retrieve the text messages. Of course, there are applications created for this procedure, but none of them work. Most phones have EXT partition type. There are no applications created to recover the text messages once they're deleted from a phone. You shouldn't trust anyone when it comes to text recovery for messages on phone, because it's not possible.

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