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I want to get WhatsApp data from Bluestacks.

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I have been chatting with a person for 6 months or so using WhatsApp via Bluestacks on a laptop running Windows 7. The laptop has some starting issues but the hard disk data is safe. I want to transfer the past message history of WhatsApp from my laptop to my Android phone. How can I transfer this? I have seen that there is something called SDcard in Bluestacks which saves all the WhatsApp data. How can extract past messages from it and transfer it to my Android phone?

Is there any other way I can extract content from Bluestacks SDcard to get the WhatsApp messages? None of the content has been deleted until date nor any message history cleared.

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To backup the data, simply install Dropbox and File Manager with archive capabilities then locate the WhatsApp folder on the default storage and archive it. Upload the archive to Dropbox then access and download it from outside Bluestacs. To restore, simply reverse the procedure and when WhatsApp is installed, the messages will be detected.

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install es file explorer in it and copy that data into windows path you will get it

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